We designed our entire infrastructure to keep everything secure and optimized. We know that trust is hard to gain and easy to lose.

Our primary goal is to make our service for you
easy, safe, secure and very reliable.

Customer Data Security

Each client has a separate environment, in order to keep all the data completely separated. That means that you have your separated database and your files have a distinct place in the filesystem. Only you have access to your data, and we guarantee that.

Regular updates

Our development process is strict, and we pay very much attention to details. We keep UPfit up-to-date, and we make sure that we regularly publish any bug-fixing patches and security fixes.

Secured connection for the application

UPfit is a web-based club management software, so it is mandatory for the communication between your browser and the application to be secured. We use HTTPS connections in order to assure the necessary privacy.

Full data and servers backup

We do regular backups: hourly database backups, daily full application data backup, and complete servers backup.
All backups are on-site and off-site, so we are sure we have the data secured. Also, we have a clear strategy for disaster recovery.

Secure hosting for our servers

All our servers are dedicated and monitored full-time in order to detect any issues.
We have servers in Romania (UPC Romania data center) and Holland (LeaseWeb data center).

Firewalled and secured access

Our servers are behind a firewall, and we monitor in detail all access to the servers. Just the open ports are available to the outside traffic.
Only our team has access to the servers through secured connections.

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Management Software security

Get ready to LOVE your management software

The best way to understand the benefits that UPfit offers is to experience it in action.
We would be happy to provide you a quick tour of the software and to answer your questions about why and how you could start using our fitness management software.

See how UPfit can help your business get organized, grow sales and increase member satisfaction.

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